Rahul Gandhi suspends his Bengal rallies, urges political leaders to ‘think about consequences of holding large rallies’

Photo: Shakeeb KPA/Maktoob

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi on Sunday said that he will be suspending his remaining campaign rallies in the poll bound state West Bengal due to the COVID-19 surge and urged all political leaders to “think about the consequences of holding large public rallies.”

“In view of the Covid situation, I am suspending all my public rallies in West Bengal. I would advise all political leaders to think deeply about the consequences of holding large public rallies under the current circumstances,” Gandhi tweeted.

His announcement comes on a day when the country saw its highest single-day spike of over 2.61 lakh coronavirus infections and active cases in the country surpassed the 1.8 milion mark.

The main opposition party accused PM Narendra Modi of showing “shocking callousness” by addressing rallies in West Bengal “instead of staying in Delhi” to handle the COVID-19 pandemic situation.