‘Siddique Kappan was denied medical aid’: journalist body in Supreme Court against UP govt

A Contempt plea has been moved before the Supreme Court by the Kerala Union of Working Journalists alleging violation of arrested journalist Siddique Kappan’s ‘medical rights’ at the hands of Uttar Pradesh Government officials.

Despite the apex court’s direction in April this year to the officials that he shall be discharged from the hospital only after he has recovered, the officials got him discharged when he was still COVID positive, the plea alleges.

It is in clear violation of the Supreme Court’s direction, according to Advocate Wills Mathews who filed the plea.

“The accused was discharged from the Hospital before recovery, at at a time when the treatment for his dental issues arising out of his fall in the bathroom was pending, and also he has not recovered from Corona. Even now one teeth is hanging and another teeth is displaced with serious pain in his veins, nerves, resulting in intimating Mathura District court, and jail on which report was demanded on which, the Doctor reported to show a doctor connected with nerves to get recovery from pain, and further informed that he is loosing his eye sight with Diabetic at its critical stage,” read the plea.

Mathew told the top court that Kappan needs hospitalization even now and he is in pains.

Kerala Journalist Siddique Kappan along with Campus Front of India leaders and students Atiqur Rahman and Masud Ahmed, and a Delhi-based cab driver Mohammad Alam have been jn jail under draconian UAPA in Hathras conspiracy case since last year. They all were arrested on 5 October last year while going to Hathras meet the family of a Dalit women who was murdered and raped by upper-caste Hindus.