Saturday, December 2, 2023

Afghanistan embassy shut down citing lack of Indian govt support

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Afghanistan Embassy to India on Saturday informed that it will cease its operations from October 01, given the lack of support from the Indian government and the Taliban regime.

“This decision, while deeply regrettable, is made after careful consideration, taking into account the historic ties and long-standing partnership between Afghanistan and India,” the letter from the embassy read.

“The Embassy has experienced a notable absence of crucial support from the host government, which has hindered our ability to carry out our duties effectively,” the letter said. “We acknowledge our shortcomings in meeting the expectations and requirements necessary to serve the best interests of Afghanistan and its citizens due to the lack of diplomatic support in India and the absence of a legitimate functioning government in Kabul.”

The Embassy also cited a lack of timely and sufficient support from visa renewal for diplomats to other critical areas of cooperation led to “understandable frustration” among staffers.

“This step is being taken in the best interest of the people of Afghanistan. In accordance with Article 45 of the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations (1961), all property and facilities of the Embassy will be transferred to the custodial authority of the host country.”

The Embassy also reacted to recent speculations, stating that it “categorically refutes any baseless claims” regarding internal strife amongst diplomatic staff or any diplomats using the crisis to seek asylum in a third country.

“We request the government of India to give serious consideration to the four requests outlined in the official note verbal submitted earlier. Specifically, we emphasize the importance of permitting the hoisting of the Afghan flag over the properties of our premises, as well as facilitating the smooth transition of the mission’s buildings and assets to a legitimate government in Kabul in the future.”

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