Sunday, December 3, 2023

Assam Minority Students’ Union raises concerns over D Voter issue

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Rejaul Karim Sarkar, AAMSU President

All Assam Minority Students’ Union ( AAMSU) has urged voters to vote against
Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and its allies in the state assembly elections.

The influential student organisation from the Muslim community in Assam has also urged people to vote for those who opposed Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA).

“CAA violates the sanctity of Assam Accord as it allows non-Muslims to come to India till December 2014, contrary to the cut off date March 24 1971, as per the Accord,” Rejaul Karim Sarkar, AAMSU president told the presser.

“The BJP is stressing on Hindu identity, which is going to be a threat to the inclusive Assamese society,” he said.

“Assam has 1.08 lakh D Voters (Doubtful Voters), mostly Bengali origin Muslims and Hindus, who will not exercise their franchise in the upcoming assembly polls,” Sarkar added.

The concept of ‘D’ voters was introduced in 1997 by the election commission of India. Those marked as ‘D’ lose their citizenship rights and are barred from exercising their voting rights until cleared by special courts.

He demanded that the Supreme Court-mandated NRC has to be updated and implemented for Assam.

While responding to the saffron party’s ‘Land Jihad’ campaigns, Sarkar said minorities should get land pattas which the BJP is depriving of them.

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