Friday, March 1, 2024

Assam Rifles soldier fires at 6 colleagues, shoots self in Manipur

In South Manipur, six people suffered injuries when an Assam Rifle Jawan opened fire on his colleagues before he shot himself. The Assam Rifles emphasized after the occurrence that it was not a result of the continuing ethnic violence in the state.

The incident happened on Wednesday morning when the staff member returned from his Churachandpur residence following a leave of absence.

The non-commissioned officer (NCO), who died of self-inflicted bullet injuries, had recently returned from vacation. During the night, he suddenly loaded his gun and opened fire at his colleagues before shooting himself.

“All Assam Rifles battalions have mixed class composition including those belonging to various communities from Manipur. All personnel have been staying and operating together despite polarization of society to maintain peace and stability in Manipur,” police said in a statement.

It happened in a battalion of the Assam Rifles in South Manipur, close to the Indo-Myanmar border.

“This unfortunate incident should not be correlated with ongoing conflict, given the fact that none of the injured are from Manipur. Investigation into the incident has been ordered to ascertain the facts,” police said.


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