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At VHP event in Dehli, BJP MP calls for “total boycott”, MLA says “will kill jihadis”

BJP MP from West Delhi Parvesh Verma was caught on camera calling for the “total boycott” of “these people” referring to Muslims.

He was speaking at ‘Virat Hindu Sabha‘ organised by the Vishwa Hindu Parishad and other Hindu organisations in Northeast Delhi’s Dilshad Garden on Sunday

“Wherever you see them, if you want to set them straight there is only one solution — total boycott. Do you agree? Raise your hands if you agree,” Verma professed.

“Say with me: We will boycott them. We will not buy anything from their shops, we will not employ them. Just do this, this is the solution.”

Police said they will probe the incident after several complaints were registered and the video of the speech went viral on social media.

Apart from Verma, BJP MLA Nand Kishore Gujjar from Loni, infamous for his role in the 2020 Delhi pogrom, incited violence at the event.

“We have been accused of bringing 2500 people to Delhi for violence. We were there to make them understand but they filed a case against us that we tried to kill the “jihadis”. We have killed “Jihadis” and we always will. But we won’t touch those who call India their mother, chant “Bharat mata ki Jai“, and is a descendent of Lord Ram. But those who spread terrorism in India and carry out such violent acts, will be dealt with. We must take an oath that such things never happen again,” he stated.

Furthermore, he assured the crowd that whatever their next plan of action is, they can be assured that 50,000 people from Loni will be there to support them like they had come to Delhi earlier too.

Other speakers at the event also called for massacres of Muslims, according to reports.

The meeting was held to protest against the killing of a man, identified as Manish, who was stabbed over 20 times as he was returning home in East Delhi’s Sunder Nagri last week. Six people, identified as Sajid, Aalam, Bilal, Faizan, Mohsin and Shakir, have been arrested in the case.

Police had said the incident was the fallout of an old rivalry.


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