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“Conspiracy to stop Muslim women from being empowered,” says resigned lecturer Chandini Naz

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Lecturer Chandini Naz of Jain PU college Tumakuru resigned from her job on 18 February when asked to take off her hijab.

In a viral video, the English lecturer Chandini Naz can be seen saying that for three years she faced no problem for wearing hijab. So, when all of a sudden the principal of the college asked her to take off her hijab it was a hit to her self respect.

 “I’ve no regrets. I’m happy that I resigned from the job which doesn’t let me practise my religion. For centuries we have been practising our religion and no one had any problem with that, but now when all these things got erupted,” Chandini Naz told Maktoob.

“I believe that it is nothing but a political agenda and a conspiracy to stop Muslim women from being empowered. As the people belonging to the Sikh community wear turban, women of the Muslim community wear hijab — to cover their heads. It is a common attire and religious right as well. But saffron shawl is not a common attire I don’t know why they are having a problem with us wearing hijab.”

After the Karnataka High Court’s interim order, restricting hijab and other religious attires in educational institutions across the state, female Muslim students and teachers are forced to take off their hijabs.

“I trust my Allah. Surely He has something better for me. I am an independent woman. I’m dependent on no one but Allah and I have trust in His plans. There are many opportunities for me out there. Those who are claiming that the girls are forced to wear hijab by any organization is a blatant lie, neither was I forced by any organization to resign from my job nor did any organization force any girl to wear the hijab. Hijab is a basic right of our religion and we all must practice it.

I believe that the boys who wore saffron shawl to the college are being misled by people with vested interests. India is known for its diversified culture but otherisation of Muslims continues. It is very sad to see that day by day Muslims in India are being targeted for one or other reason.” Chandini Naz added.

Ms Chandini Naz is preparing for a PhD.


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