Editors Guild of India rebukes TV channels for “spewing hatred”

The Editors Guild of India in a press statement rebuked some national TV channels for their irresponsible and greedy actions, “deliberately creating circumstances that target vulnerable communities by spewing hatred towards them and their beliefs.”

EGI accused the unnamed national channels of being “inspired by the values of Radio Rwanda whose incendiary broadcast caused a genocide in the African nation” rather than secular values enshrined in the constitution.

The press release by EGI comes after the incendiary remarks of BJP spokesperson Nupur Sharma, targeting prophet Muhammed exploded into a global outrage, forcing the GOI to issue an apology on behalf of the Indian nationals.

EGI chided the channels in question to reflect on their actions, which gave “legitimacy to divisive and toxic voices that has made the national discourse coarse and the gap between communities unbridgeable.

The EGI also exhorted for stricter vigilance by broadcaster and journalist bodies to prevent such incidents from recurring again.