Saturday, March 2, 2024

HC quashes Delhi police order denying permission for seminar on fascism

The Delhi High Court has quashed a city police order denying permission for a seminar titled as ‘Understanding fascism in present India context’ in Delhi on 11 March and 12 March.

A single bench of Justice Tushar Rao Gadela on Friday was hearing a plea filed by ‘Bharat Bachao’ – a collective of scholars, social activists, advocates and politicians – against the Delhi Police’s refusal to grant permission for the event two days before its schedule.

The court said that the organisers of the seminar and the police should cooperate and ensure that the event is held peacefully.

The collective told the court that similar seminars were organised at multiple locations, including one in Rajasthan on 5 February.

The court then asked the seminar organisers to submit the list of invitees and details of their residence, and identity cards to the police by Friday and of those who are travelling till Saturday, Live Law reported.

“The petitioner shall provide one contact number of the responsible person of the organisation, which is conducting the seminar, so as to enable police authorities to have one contact in respect of the seminar,” the court added.


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