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Hindu man beaten to death by temple priest, others for accidentally breaking idol while cleaning

A 24-year-old Nepal resident died after he was lynched by three men, including a priest, as he accidentally broke an idol while cleaning it in Gurgaon’s Khandsa village on Wednesday.

The body of the man, Dinesh, was found outside the Bani Wala temple on Thursday, Indian Express reported.

According to the police, Dinesh was hired to clean the temple a few days ago. On Wednesday, he unintentionally broke two fingers of an idol, which was noticed by the men who are accused in the case.

Ajit Singh, who is 57 years old and the head priest, has been arrested along with his two associates, identified as Premjeet Balhara (32) and Sonu (27).

“Ajit called Premjeet and Sonu who work at cow shelter. Dinesh was tied to a banyan tree and the accused thrashed him with sticks, rods and even an axe. He succumbed to injuries,” Assistant Commissioner of Police (Crime) Preet Pal told The Indian Express.

“The main accused is the priest as he attacked the man and called his associates. He is the caretaker of the temple and lives there. His two associates are criminals out on bail… Balhara was earlier held in a rape case while Sonu was caught in an attempt to murder case,” Pal said.


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