IAS, IPS officers who say ‘Union govt’ will face Yogi, bulldozer: BJP leader in Tamil Nadu

The Bharatiya Janata Party will transfer Indian Administrative Service and Indian Police Service officers to Madhya Pradesh or Uttar Pradesh if they refer to the “central government as the Union government”, saffron party leader from Tamil Nadu H Raja has said.

“If IAS and IPS officers call central government as union government (ondriya arasu in Tamil), we will transfer them to Madhya Pradesh or Uttar Pradesh and make them stand in front of Yogi Adityanath and bulldozer,” said Raja on Saturday, reported New Indian Express.

He was speaking about a serving IAS officer who is calling the Union government as Union government. Raja said: “He is in central government service. If he is transferred to Madhya Pradesh, will he use the term Union government to refer to central government? If I talk about this, people say I am crossing my limit. If officers use Union government, we will make them face Adityanath and bulldozer. They say they are using the term (Union) as per the Constitution. I am not only a chartered accountant but also a lawyer. Union of States does not refer to states like Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Karnataka and AP.”

“It was used to denote the 565 erstwhile states (small kingdoms) of India. People who call central as union are anti-nationals,” he added.

The Hindutva leader also said that people talking about Tamil nationalism should be jailed.

He went on to say: “Those who are talking about Tamil nationalism should be jailed under Goondas Act. Police should arrest VCK leader Tirumavalavan and Naam Tamilar Katchi (NTK) leader Seeman and ban NTK.”