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Is Agnipath hidden agenda of RSS to take control of army?: HD Kumaraswamy

Suggesting that the Agnipath scheme may be part of the hidden agenda of the Hindu militant group Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS), former Karnataka chief minister H D Kumaraswamy on Sunday questioned the Union’s new recruitment policy for the defence forces which has triggered countrywide massive protests.

The JDS leader asked whether the Agnipath scheme is a setup to induct 2.5 lakh candidates from the RSS background into the forces.

He went on to say: “This is a subject that has to be spoken about in Delhi not here. Who has provided the concept for the Agnipath scheme to the government? Was there a recommendation from a parliamentary committee for this? Was there a proposal to create a new programme called Agnipath to recruit 10 lakh people for the defence forces? Was there a suggestion from the defence establishment? Who has given the suggestion?”

He further asked reporters: “Among these 10 lakh youths who will be recruited into the forces, will there be candidates who trained in RSS units? Some youths have been trained by the RSS and maintained as workers. Is it a plan to provide them employment in the army? Is it a setup to provide 2.5 lakh of the recruitments to such candidates?”

“Is this part of the hidden agenda of the RSS? Would the remaining 75 per cent, who are released after four years of service with Rs 11 lakh each and distributed around the country, become a force of the RSS as well?” he asked.

“This is a plan to bring the army under the control of the RSS and to use the 75 per cent released after four years to control the country. This is like the Nazi agenda of Hitler and the RSS has its origins in the same period. Is the Agnipath scheme a ploy to introduce such measures in our country by creating Agniveers?” Kumaraswamy asked.


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