Sunday, March 3, 2024

Lucknow: Kashmiri vendors, arrested and assaulted, released

Seven Kashmiri vendors, arrested during an ‘anti-encroachment drive’ by Lucknow Municipal Corporation and assaulted by officials on December 17, were released a day later.

Association of Protection for Civil Rights (APCR) facilitated the release of all seven vendors on a personal bond.

Advocate Syed Mehfuzurrahman Faizy, Vice President of APCR Uttar Pradesh told Maktoob:
“After keeping them in custody for 24 hours, they were released with an intervention of APCR. Thier goods, which was confiscated by the police were also returned by the police.”

Seven Kashmiris were arrested from Samta Mulak Chauraha in Lucknow’s Gomti Nagar which had been declared a no-vending zone by the LMC.

Faizy, said, “It’s a very posh area and despite being declared a no-vending zone, there are lot vendors who sells their goods there on both sides of the road but police rounded up these seven Kashmiri vendors.”

He also said to Maktoob that a lot of vendors are still seen on the pavement of Samta Mulak Chauraha after Sunday’s anti-encroachment drive. For now these vendors can sell their goods in some other area.

Those arrested are identified as, Faizan Mohammad, Yawar Ahmed, Waseem Ahmed, Ashiq Hussain, Rauf Nazeer, Amir Ahmed, and Idrees Ahmed. All of them are the residents of Kulgam town of Jammu and Kashmir.


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