Friday, March 1, 2024

NIT Calicut suspends Dalit student after protesting with placard “India is not Rama Rajya”

The National Institute of Technology-Calicut (NIT-C) has suspended a Dalit student from its Department of Electronics and Communication for participating in the protest against the celebration of the Ram temple consecration ceremony in Uttar Pradesh at NIT Calicut.

On January 22, a group of students displayed a placard with the slogan ‘India is not Rama Rajya,’ protesting the celebrations of the Ram temple event. The celebration witnessed anti-Muslim slogans inside the campus.

A release from NIT-C on Wednesday stated that the gathering involving the student, Vysakh Premkumar, had led to “campus unrest.” An investigation established that he had breached multiple clauses of the institute’s code of conduct for students. He was deemed “solely accountable” for inciting unrest within the community.

The release also mentioned that Premkumar was a “repeated offender” and had engaged in undesirable activities earlier as well.

“NIT is not a shakaha of Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh,” said Fraternity Movement Kozhikode, condemning the move.


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