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Rape convict Gurmeet Singh releases Diwali song while out on parole

Rape convict Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh, out on parole, has courted another controversy by releasing a music video on Diwali.

The song has garnered 42 lakh views in a day.

Following the music video titled ‘Sadi Nit Diwali’ was released on his YouTube channel Saint MSG, Trinamool Congress MP Mahua Moitra called for a codified parole legislation like in the US and Britain.

The Opposition MP stressed that parole cannot “solely be left to biased state govt officials on pick and choose basis.”

“After online satsang Baba Rape Rahim puts out music video while out on parole. Unlike US & UK, India lacks codified parole legislation. Parole cannot solely be left to biased state govt officials on pick & choose basis. High time law is changed,” Moitra said in a tweet.

Currently, out on a 40-day parole, Singh is serving a 20-year jail term for raping two of his women disciples. In 2019, he and three others were convicted for murdering journalist Ram Chander Chhatrapati in 2002. In 2021, he was convicted of conspiring to kill the Dera’s former manager Ranjit Singh, who was shot dead in 2002.

This is the third time, the controversial Hindu monk is out on parole. The Dera chief had earlier come out of prison on month-long parole in June, ahead of the elections to 46 municipalities in Haryana. Singh was granted three weeks’ furlough from February 7, barely two weeks before the Punjab Assembly elections. The recent 40-day parole has once again coincided with elections in the region. Haryana will be witnessing panchayat elections and the bypolls to the Adampur Assembly seat next month.

BJP leader join Singh’s online events

Dera Sacha Sauda chief Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh has been holding online discourses for the past few days, which have been attended by BJP leaders from Haryana including lawmakers.

Haryana BJP leader and Deputy Speaker Ranbir Gangwa was present in a big gathering of Ram Rahim Singh’s followers in Hisar last week to listen to online discourse, according to PTI news agency. During the event, Gangwa talked about his family’s association with the Sirsa Dera.

Speaking with Singh during the online event, Gangwa said to PTI that he was happy at the blessings given by Singh and hoped that one day he will address them face-to-face.

Last week, Karnal Mayor and BJP leader Renu Bala also joined an online event of Ram Rahim Singh along with some other BJP leaders. Renu Bala addressed the rape convict as “Pitaji” and said his blessings should always be with them.


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