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What is CSpace, India’s first government-backed OTT platform?

Kerala’s state-owned Kerala State Film Development Corporation (KSFDC) has officially launched CSpace, India’s first government-backed Over-The-Top (OTT) platform on 7 March, Thursday, with its primary aim to support low-budget and independent films while addressing content selection and distribution challenges in the OTT sector.

CSpace operates under the supervision of the Kerala State Film Development Corporation (KSFDC), a state-owned entity dedicated to promoting Malayalam cinema. The platform has established a curator panel consisting of 60 members, including renowned cultural personalities from Kerala. These curators meticulously evaluate content submissions based on artistic, cultural, and infotainment merits.

At its launch, CSpace boasted a collection of 42 films, including 35 feature films, six documentaries, and one short film. Notably, CSpace aims to showcase films that may have struggled to secure traditional commercial releases but have garnered recognition at film festivals.

CSpace operates on a pay-per-view model, with viewers charged a nominal fee of Rs 75 per content. Half of this amount goes directly to the content providers, ensuring a fair and transparent revenue-sharing mechanism. This model diverges from traditional subscription-based OTT platforms, offering both viewers and filmmakers a flexible and equitable way to engage with content.

CSpace is accessible to viewers through both Android and iOS devices, with the platform available for download from the PlayStore and App Store. This accessibility ensures that audiences across the nation can enjoy the platform’s curated selection of films, contributing to the democratization of quality content in the digital space.


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