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Telangana MLA, hate speech peddler Raja Singh tells Hindus not to become friends with ‘Burqa-wearing women’

T Raja Singh, Member of the Legislative Assembly (MLA) from Goshamahal constituency in Telangana has once again stirred up a fresh controversy with his anti-Muslim rhetoric. Known for his Islamophobic sentiment and hate speeches, Singh was recently seen directing Hindu women to refrain from befriending “burkha-clad women,” referring to Muslim women.

Speaking at a public gathering in Telangana’s Adilabad district on Sunday, Singh instigated the crowd against Muslims, stating, “those who sport a tilak are my brothers and Hindus, and I will only befriend them. Sisters, do not become friends with veil-wearing women.”

He further remarked: “We earlier had Aftab, but now Aisha has also become a threat to us, and they facilitate our (Hindu) women to these Aftabs. We should be aware of them (Muslim women).”

While referencing the recent Hindutva propaganda movies made against Muslims ‘The Kashmir Files’ and ‘The Kerala Story’ Singh advised that Hindus should distance themselves from the Muslim community.

It is worth noting that Singh was arrested in August 2022 for making derogatory remarks against Prophet Mohammad, which resulted in a law and order situation in Hyderabad.

After being in custody for a minimum of two months related to the aforementioned incident, Singh was granted bail and released by the Telangana High Court on the condition and warning to refrain from making hate speeches against any religion and to cease making inflammatory or derogatory comments, whether in public or on social media.

The video of Singh’s recent explicit statements targeting the Muslims went viral on social media, clearly violating the High Court’s order. His speech specifically targets Muslim women.

Moreover, the MLA has been consistently observed flouting the High Court’s order and persisting in his agenda of spreading hatred by delivering anti-Muslim and provocative speeches on multiple occasions in Hyderabad, Maharashtra, and Rajasthan.

Earlier this year, Raja Singh participated in rallies organized by Hindu militant organisations across India and made calls to subjugate and boycott Muslims.


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