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Public statement: ED targets Muslim community’s collective efforts for social, political empowerment

Muslim leaders, politicians, scholars and activists in Kerala said the Enforcement Directorate is targeting Muslim community’s collective efforts for social and political empowerment while condemning the ED actions against Rehab India Foundation, a Delhi based NGO which is associated with Popular Front of India.

The statement comes a day after the Enforcement Directorate (ED) has attached at least 33 bank accounts of Popular Front of India (PFI) and Rehab India Foundation as part of an anti-money laundering investigation against them.

Rehab India Foundation is a Delhi-based non-governmental organization which was founded on 17 March 2008. With aim of rehabilitation of the marginalized section of Rural India with a better standard of living providing Education, Health, Economic Development and Environment.

Read the statement:

The surreptitious and unjust embezzlement allegations and the Enforcement Directorate onslaught, employing government agencies, being carried out on Muslim community’s collective efforts for social and political empowerment are most objectionable and condemnable.

The ED onslaught on Rehab India Foundation, a charitable agency working for the uplift of the deprived and the underprivileged, is part of the Sangh Parivar policy to malign and jeopardize Muslim community’s initiatives for empowerment. Such measures on the part of those in power have no justification.

The current move against Rehab India Foundation is a mere continuation of the heinous Sangh Parivar agenda targeting the diverse self empowerment initiatives of Muslim community taken shape with the efforts of various organisations and collectives aiming to overcome the unscrupulous social, educational and economic discriminations meted out to them by various governments over the years since independence.

Obviously, these are among the most atrocious and detestable kind of attempts on their part to challenge Muslim community’s right to live with dignity. In this circumstance, we caution everyone in this country against this most dangerous condition of even fundraising opportunity for social activities such as the ones being carried out by Rehab India Foundation being at the mercy of the Sangh Parivar and call upon everyone to come to surface in public to openly protest against this.


Abdushakkur Qasmi, All India Muslim Personal Law Board.

Shaikh Muhammad karakunnu, Jamaate Islami Hind.

Aliyar Quasimi, Jamiat Ulema-e-Hind

Jenny Rowena, Delhi University

CK Abdul Azeez, Muslim intellectual

CP Muhammad Basheer, Popular Front of India

Biju Govind

Dr Varsha Basheer


Adv. Thushar Nirmal

K. Sajeed Khalid, Welfare Party of India

Shamsudheen Mannani

Amjad Ali EM, Students Islamic Organisation

AS Ajith Kumar, musician

Rupesh Kumar, writer, filmmaker

Dr PM Ishaq, Wahdate Islami Hind

P. Ahmad Shareef

BS Baburaj

Jawad Mustafawi

Adv MK Harikumar

Sudesh M Raghu

Waseem RS, Fraternity Movement

Shameema Sakeer

Vilayodi sivankutty, NCHRO

Prashanth Koliyoor

Adv.S Shanavas, MRW

Razik Raheem

Raees hidaya

Sameer Binsi, singer

Nazer Malik

Prashanth Subramanyan

Rasheed Makkada

A M Nadwi

Malik Veettikkunnu


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