Wednesday, April 24, 2024

Topic: Book

Book review: My People Shall Live by Leila Khaled

‘My People Shall Live’ is the autobiography of the PFLP (Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine) revolutionary Leila Khaled who attempted two plane hijacks- TWA Flight 840 and El-Al Flight 219 in 1969 and 1970 in order to free her people who were being held as prisoners in Israel, as well as bring the Palestinian cause to the forefront. The book, originally published in 1973, was edited by George Hajjar. 

Bookshelf | The Gorakhpur Hospital Tragedy by Dr. Kafeel Khan

'The Gorakhpur Hospital Tragedy, A Doctor’s Memoir of a Deadly Medical Crisis' is a book by Dr. Kafeel Khan who has spent nearly 500 days in prison in the last three years and targeted several times by BJP government.

Innocent Prisoners; A first-hand experience with State, police and judiciary

Abdul Wahid Shaikh's 500 plus pages book published by Pharos publication, will be one of the most poignant contemporary prison literature, which has scanned and exposed the Indian state apparatus most blatantly.

13 books on Gujarat genocide 2002

This week marks the 19th anniversary of Muslim genocide in Gujarat.

Afroz Alam Sahil on his new book ‘Lockdown Diaries’ and people who launched it

The most special quality of the book is that although I’ve written my life events in the book but it doesn’t necessarily revolve around my life or I’m not the ‘hero’ of the book but the happenings, mishaps and all the basic events that happened during the lockdown are the ‘main’ focus of the book.

Sarbpreet Singh’s new book talks about ordinary lives disfigured and disrupted by 1984 Sikh Massacre

Sarbpreet Singh's new publication Night of the restless spirits: Stories from 1984 becomes yet another witness of the horrors faced by the Sikh community of India. The author has captured the essence of the jeopardized Sikh identity in the Indian context and traced it back to the nightmarish events in history.