Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Topic: LGBT

Can same-sex couples be given social welfare benefits without legalising marriage, SC asks Union

The Supreme Court on Thursday asked the Union government whether certain social welfare benefits could be granted to same-sex couples without legally recognising their marriage.

German convoy showed up to match against Japan despite critiquing Qatar as hosts

German’s Interior Minister Nancy Faeser showed up for Germany’s match against Japan on Wednesday despite her earlier stances that reprimanded Qatar’s ability to host the World Cup. 

UK’s Nationality and Borders Bill; Biggest attack on refugees, migrants in recent memory

The Bill represents one of the biggest attacks on the rights of refugees, migrants, Muslims, people of color, and LGBT+ people seeking sanctuary in Britain.

Opposition MPs call Reproductive tech Bill ‘patriarchal’ and ‘discriminatory.’ Why?

During the discussion on the Assisted Reproductive Technology (Regulation) Bill, Opposition MPs suggested that the government consider including lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender people (LGBTQ), live-in couples, and single parents in the bill's ambit.

Transgender Persons Act: Sordid implications of a failed law

Post the passing of ‘Transgender Persons (Protectionof Rights) Act, 2019’; A string of volitional mistakes have made it harder for trans folk to avail the benefits that were meant for them.

Queers beyond their nationalities

"Whenever we talk about Indo-Pak peace, we mainly discuss political and military issues but we never think about marginalized communities of both countries. LGBTQIA+ is one of those communities which still lacks platforms to discuss, come together and learn."