Sunday, May 19, 2024

Mexico: Police discover 45 bags filled with human remains

At least 45 bags with human remains have been found in a ravine in the western Mexican state of Jalisco during a search for seven young people reported missing last week.

In the municipality of Zapopan, a suburb of Guadalajara, a major industrial hub, the horrifying finding was uncovered deep within a 40-meter (120-foot) ravine.

“Forty-five bags with human remains have been extracted that belong to both male and female people,” said the state prosecutor’s office in a statement on Thursday.

During the search for two women and five men, approximately 30 years old, who had been reported missing in the region since May 20, the authorities stumbled upon the remains.

The missing person’s reports for each of the seven had been made separately on different days, but investigators found that they all worked at the same call centre, which was in the same area as where the human remains were discovered.

Forensic experts have yet to determine the number of victims contained in the bags or their identities.

Authorities said that among the human remains found in the bags, some appeared to match characteristics of some of the missing young people.


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