The State of Adivasi Resistance in Kerala: Marking The 15th Year of Muthanga Land Struggle

Now, it has been 15 years since this tragic incident occurred and still the Adivasi communities of Kerala are being denied of basic rights such as land, education, and health. The progressive society of Kerala has conveniently forgotten the struggle lead by the Adivasi communities to secure their basic rights and the progressive Government has turned a deaf ear to the existential issues faced by the Adivasis.

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Madari Venkatesh : Memory of institutional murder and Caste Discrimination

A Scholar who had published three research papers in reputed journals, willing to work and having aspirations to up-bring his family and community, was forced to commit suicide on 24th-Nov-2013, due to the strategic systemic negligence from the part of ACRHEM and University of Hyderabad Administration. The death of Madari Venkatesh is not a ‘personal’ problem, rather is the consequence of structural and institutional discrimination, and systematic exercise of exclusionary practices.