United We Stood; Divided They Fell

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From the time I had been taught Political sciences, since lower classes, democracy had always been ‘by the people, of the people and for the people’ in theory. But, the textbooks of the same showed satirical illustrations on how democracy was made ‘buy the people, off the people and far(away from) the people’ in the modern practical sense. The first definition was widely accepted and any essay question in the school times that revolved around democracy preferred this definition as its starting line. Students wrote the same, without any sorts of objections, but keeping in mind that was not the democracy they had been knowing. Yesterday, the world stood witness to something everyone knew to be always theoretical, getting practically defined. That’s what had happened exactly; maybe, a redefinition of definition, or a broad classification of the same, to what is in practice and theory.

The goosebumps we experienced when we saw the public of a country standing up united for what they thought as just and right may not go in vain. We might study about the struggles endured by the people of Turkey, as a responsible homage to the nation, they were brought up in and to the leader whom they all loved dearly, along with the democratic experiences of Poland, Myanmar, Nepal and so on in our lessons from now on. Then, as for those people who called Recep Tayyip Erdogan the Hitler of the modern era; they were tyrants who had fed the gunmen of Netanyahu, the ‘great’.

To the citizens of Turkey, we stood dumbfounded by what the entire nation showed to those around you and, most importantly, those ‘within’ you. Hats off to that sort of patriotism blazing high in you. No doubt, we were struck by the colorful illustration of another quote we ignorantly repeated: United we stand; divided we fall. That mere demonstration had made all the difference.


Zainab Amal – Student of BA.(Hons)Sociology,┬áLady Shri Ram College for Women, New Delhi, India

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