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Gaza protests in US universities: Over 550 students arrested so far

Around 550 arrests have been made in the last week across major US universities as police crackdown on peaceful and iconic protests against Israel’s war in Gaza.

Columbia University

Police arrested more than 100 protesters when they tried to clear a Gaza solidarity encampment last week.

University of Southern California

More than 90 people were arrested on Wednesday night for alleged trespassing.

University of Texas at Austin

The campus was calmer on Thursday, a day after police arrested dozens of students.

George Washington University

About 50 students set up a tent encampment on Thursday.

Harvard University

The university locked most gates into its famous Harvard Yard this week but a camp with still set up.

California State Polytechnic University, Humboldt

The university said protesters continue to occupy two buildings on campus.

Emerson College

Boston police said on Thursday that 108 people were arrested at an encampment.

New York University

Police said 133 protesters had been taken into custody on Wednesday.

Emory University

Police dismantled a camp on Thursday morning. The Associated Press news agency counted at least 17 people detained.

Northwestern University

Administrators changed the student code of conduct on Thursday to bar tents on its campus as student activists set up an encampment. No arrests have been reported yet.

Yale University

Protests continued Thursday after Monday’s arrest of 48 people.

Fashion Institute of Technology

Protesters set up tents and occupied a building on Thursday at the institute, part of the State University of New York system.

City College of New York

Police and campus security confronted protesters but failed to clear their encampment on Thursday.

Indiana University Bloomington

Police made a number of arrests on Thursday afternoon.

Michigan State University East Lansing Campus

Nearly 30 tents were set up on Thursday afternoon.


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