U.P Police steal blankets of women CAA protesters

“Blanket thief, U.P. police” was trending on Twitter on Sunday after women holding a sit-in against the CAA in Lucknow accused the UP police of snatching away their blankets and food items in the night.

The women protesters captured videos showing policemen carrying away the blankets with them late on Saturday even as demonstrators raised objections.

“They snatched our blankets in the night. They took away all the food items and blankets arranged by us from home,โ€ a protester told The Hindu.

Braving the cold weather, anti-CAA protesters continued their agitation at iconic Clocktower for the 4th consecutive day on Monday.

Heavy police force also has been deployed at the site.

Additional DCP Vikas Chandra Tripathi said some organizations were distributing blankets during the dharna, following which a large number of people nearby, The Hindu reports.

โ€œPolice removed the blankets and the people of the organisation as per law,โ€ he said.

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