Tuesday, March 5, 2024

Anti-CAA protesters block airport in Kerala

Photo: Ibnas Ahmed

Anti-CAA protesters in Kerala under the banner of Fraternity Movement have blocked roads to the Kozhikode International Airport, disrupting the operation of the major transport hub in Malabar region.

The roads to the airport were blocked. Passengers had to walk to the terminal. Flights operated as normal, but delays were reported.

Thousands of protesters gathered at the main road and two roads to airport on Sunday evening.

The protesters included mostly students, raised slogans and carried placards against the amended citizenship act and the proposed National Register of Citizens and National Population Register.


The Fraternity Movement state committee conducted the march. The police blocked the march well ahead of the airport terminal building and arrested leaders including state president Shamseer Ibrahim.

The marchers holding banner ‘Stand against Muslim ethnic cleansing,’ called CAA and NRC as Islamophobic.

Two weeks ago, in West Bengal, many anti-CAA protesters under the leadership of left parties have blocked the roads to Kolkata airport during Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit.


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