Tahreek Farogh-e-Islam refutes allegations leveled against its chief Maulana Usmani

Photo: ANI

Tahreek Farogh-e-Islam (TFI) has refuted the allegations of provocative speeches levelled against its chief Maulana Qamar Gani Usmani after the Gujarat Anti-Terror Squad (ATS) on Saturday arrested him in connection with the murder of Gujarat Man Kishan Bharwad.

Bharwad was reportedly shot dead by a bike-borne in Gujarat’s Dhandhuka city on Tuesday.

Soon after his killing, Hindutva supporters claimed that he was killed because he had made anti-Muslim remarks on social media. They also blamed Delhi-based Usmani for his killing.

30-year-old Kishan was murdered in Ahmedabad’s Dhandhuka on Tuesday was allegedly shot dead over a social media post.

Gujarat police started the investigation and arrested several Muslim men including Usmani as Hindutva supporters were demanding.

Talking to Maktoob on Monday, the TFI office in-charge Aqeel Faizi Refuted allegations levelled against Usmani.

“Our policy is that we try to punish the erring people through exercising our constitutional rights. Even in the case of Kishan Bharvad in which objectionable things were said against our prophet and religion, we did not commit illegal activities even though it hurt our sentiment. It’s not permitted according to the law of the land as well as our sharia,” he told Maktoob.

Faizi said that the news channels are hurling baseless allegations of giving provocative speeches, brainwashing people to commit murder and having links with Pakistan.

“These allegations are false. Whether Usmani is linked with Pakistan or played a role in the murder will be found out through probe. There is not a single provocative speech made by Maulana. The channels are running his clipped and distorted speeches.

They are running a half-statement. When he said ‘come to the street’, in the next sentence he said ‘stand up against the blasphemers using your constitutional rights. What’s wrong with it? If someone talks of standing up against those who are disturbing peace, it is our constitutional rights as well as the need of the hour,” he said.

The organization is cooperating with the police in the investigation as Usmani had said before his arrest. They don’t know about the charges invoked against Usmani. They will remain silent on the issue till the probe is completed, said Faizi.

Usmani was also part of the delegation who visited Tripura to take stock of the situation after communal violence. Later, Tripura police arrested him under UAPA charges. Later, he was given bail by the court.

In a statement before his arrest by Gujarat ATS in the Bharwad murder case, Usmani said he will fully cooperate with the police in the investigation of the case and urged people to stand up with his organization TFI.

“Whatever is happening in India should not happen. We hope to live peacefully as we were living earlier. We hope to live together as we used to live earlier,” said Usmani.

He also said that there are Islamic clerics and Ulama who consider that they are safe but they are not safe. There are also plans against them. “Their number will also come”.

 “If we cannot stand up for Prophet Muhammed exercising our constitutional rights, then the turn of everyone would come. They would not leave anyone. They have made their full preparations. Therefore, we should stand up and exercise our constitutional rights. And stop anyone if he does illegal things,” he said.