Wednesday, April 24, 2024

Waquar Hasan

Waquar Hasan is freelance journalist based in New Delhi.

25 houses demolished in Delhi’s Muslim locality, Muslim women allege police brutality

A fact finding team on Thursday said that the Delhi Development Authority (DDA) along with large number of police force has demolished over two dozen houses without any prior notice in south west Delhi’s Kharak Riwara Satbari area, a predominantly Muslim locality on Friday (21 October) when Muslims went to offer their namaz.

“Houses will soon be bulldozed”: Dalits in UP villages in constant fear

Kalawati, a widow mother of three children, is worried for her home and three children for the last some weeks. Weeks ago, a senior official from Chitrakoot Karvi’s Nagarpalika threatened to run bulldozers on the houses of her colony if they don’t vacate the area.
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Students disheartened as Aligarh University admin abruptly cancels literary fest

The administration of Aligarh Muslim University (AMU) has abruptly cancelled the third day event of Literary Festival 2022 being held in the campus officially without giving reasons behind the decision.

Tahreek Farogh-e-Islam refutes allegations leveled against its chief Maulana Usmani

Tahreek Farogh-e-Islam (TFI) has refuted the allegations of provocative speeches levelled against its chief Maulana Qamar Gani Usmani after the Gujarat Anti-Terror Squad (ATS)...
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Declaring India secular state a ‘constitutional mistake’: Hindu priests at Prayagraj Sammelan

More than a month after genocidal calls were given at the Haridwar Hindu parliament, the core committee of the Haridwar Dharam Sansad held a “Sant Sammelan” in Prayagraj on Friday where the speakers again made hate speeches against Muslims and demanded to declare India “Hindu Rashtra”.

India: Data show Muslims disproportionately in jail relative to their population

The percentage of the prisoner points to the high disproportionate presence of Muslims in Assam’s jail as the share of Muslim population in the state is pegged at 34 %.
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