Hate speech: UP BJP MLA says “no more skull caps” if he is re-elected

Raghvendra Pratap Singh, MLA from Uttar Pradesh’s Dumariyagan assembly constituency and BJP candidate said that if re-elected he would ensure that Muslims would stop wearing skullcaps and start putting tilaks.

“If you make me MLA again, Muslims will stop wearing skullcaps and start putting tilaks,” he told a gathering of his supporters in the Dumariyagan on 12 February.

Dumariyagan will vote in the sixth phase on 3 March.

The saffron party leader further ask77ed his party followers, “Will there be Jai Shri Ram or Walekum Salam?” The cheering crowd responded with Jai Shri Ram slogans.

He further claimed that since Muslims were “driven out of power,” the city had become safer.

Opposition leaders demanded the Election Commission of India and Uttar Pradesh Police to act against the BJP lawmaker.