Thursday, February 22, 2024

Aaqib Fayaz

Pictures: Season’s first snowfall in Kashmir valley

Residents of Srinagar and other parts of the valley woke up to witness beautiful view snow spread all around like blankets.

Hope against hope: Night football in Baramulla

Azhar Teli passes the ball to Mehraj Ahmad. Mehraj moves it closer to the goal area. Three Iqbal Hygam FC opponents tail him. The...
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Kashmiri artist depicts suffering through paintings

Kashmiri Artist Zameer, 40, started pouring out memories on the blank canvas back from his school days. His work demystifies the condition of people in Kashmir. At the age of 28, tragedy struck the family, when his father died after being hit by bullets, in cross-firing outside their home.

Frequent Internet shutdowns affect employees and students in Kashmir

What accompanies the gun battles are long periods of no data services, sometimes lasting even months. The Central government’s decision to abrogate article 370, last year in the month of August resulted in six months of data suspension which was later restored on 25th January this year, but only limited to 2G services.
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