Sunday, May 19, 2024

Shambhavi Siddhi

Dire need for an Anti-Islamophobia Act in India

Speaking to Maktoob, Political Anthropologist Sharib Ali said that India needs an anti- islamophobia law that pays attention to the context of hate against Muslims in India.

Muslims misrepresented, defamed and libelled in British media: Report

High journalistic standards are crucial for free media, one that treats Muslims fairly and does not seek to wilfully misrepresent Muslim communities.
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Hindu nationalists’ claim over Mathura mosque; A replay of Ayodhya playbook

And as Hindutva forces have been claiming from long ago, the day is not far when a Babri-like incident could be repeated to claim Mosque sites and Hindu sacred spaces which might inevitably result in a further rise in hate crimes or even a pogrom like situation for Muslims across India.

Rumours of Spring: Farah Bashir’s memoir is resistance in itself

Erstwhile Reuters photojournalist, Farah Bashir’s memoir is a timely and crucial intervention in South-Asian studies. As the title of the book suggests, it is...
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