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Doctor’s note on World Unani Day: How to achieve disease resistance?

Dr. Sayed Muhammad Anas, an award winning Unani physician writes on World Unani Day.

Atmospheric air

The first thing to pay attention to is Okisjan! We all know that we can maintain our health only by breathing clean air and those who work in certain places (mining, traffic police, etc.) if they take proper precautions while breathing the air, they can prevent asthma, asthma, COPD and other allergic diseases to some extent.

Also, the air has changes in its nature (kaifiyat) according to the weather. During the hot season, as the atmosphere gets hotter, the air also gets hotter.

Food and drinks

The role of food and drink in sustaining life and acquiring health and immunity is very important. Along with eating good food and water, we should also look at how we consume it. Here we can divide people into two categories, one is those with hot body (hararat) and two are those with cold (barid) body nature {this is most people’s body heat, movement, digestive process, sweat, pulse, etc.. A Unani doctor can easily diagnose.} A healthy person should eat more food which has the same nature (misaj) as one’s body nature.

So those with hot body nature must drink water between meals! The Unani rule is that those with a cold body nature should only take some time after eating..! But only this will help in proper digestion and prevent other stomach related diseases.

Physical movement and repose

Body movement and its control are important for maintaining health and preventing illness. Only when there is body movement, excretory material is expelled from our body properly.

Similarly, body movement control (sukun) is necessary to absorb nutrients from the digestive process.

Body movement is a must for proper digestion. Small exercises that can be done over a long period of time will keep the body healthy and maintain a good digestive process.

Psychic movement and repose

No matter how physically fit we are, if our mind is not right then it is better not to talk about our condition. So we can see that short trips, good company, entertainment, humor, movies and songs generally have a positive effect on our mental health to make our mind healthy.

Fear, anxiety and fear will quickly lead us to illness and death! The famous Unani Hakim Shaykh Rais ibn Sina (Avicenna) also tested it.
At the same time, two goats were placed in different cages placed next to each other, and then a wolf was tied outside the cage of one goat so that the other goat could not see it. After a few days, the goat that saw the wolf died and the goat that did not see the wolf came out of the cage in good health. Through this he proved the importance of mental health.

Sleep & wakefulness

If you don’t give enough sleep to your body, your health will quickly disappear and you will become sick. Not only sleep is the only time our cells get to rest, but sleep also plays a big role in burning fat (that’s why if you eat food like biryani, you can understand that the body is trying to induce sleep). Depending on the mood of the people, the structure of sleep will also change, however, a 5-6 hours sleep is good.!

In waking up, our body’s vital power and other functions need to be carried out. Similarly, those who have too much sleep often experience laziness and fatigue!

Evacuation and retention

If the waste materials produced by the body such as sweat, urine and faeces are not excreted in the proper amount, the human will suffer from various diseases. Piles, blood disorders, gastrable, embolism, etc. Therefore, proper examination and quantity of urine should always be taken care of.

In addition to the above, there will be serious problems for the body, such as ulcerative colitis, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), which always originates from the stomach, and creates a condition where the body does not get the necessary nutrients, and due to this, there will be serious problems for our disease prevention and health.

Only by paying attention to the above six things can a person achieve proper health and disease resistance and live a comfortable life.

This is a guest article sponsored by Global Unani Hospital & Hijama Centre Perambra


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