Friday, March 1, 2024

“At least their lives are saved,” says owner of minitruck attacked by Hindutva mob in Mira Road

Three Muslim men identified as Mohammad Tariq (21), Mohammad Meraj (24) and Deen Ali (27) who were carrying plastic disposables in a mini tempo were among Muslims attacked by a Hindutva mob at Mira Road in Mumbai on January 23, 2024. The location witnessed violence since the eve of the Ram Temple inauguration.

The mob targeted the vehicle after identifying that it belonged to a Muslim with the name “Rashid Tempo Services” written on it and a crescent moon sticker pasted on the windshield of the vehicle.

Abdul Haqq Chaudhary (54), owner of the tempo who runs a business of plastic disposables on Mira Toad told Maktoob, “ One of those who were attacked is my son and the other two are workers. One of them has sustained seven stitches in hand and the other two are severely injured from the attack.”

“But at least their lives are saved and they were not killed, this is more than enough”, he said over the phone.

He said, “They left the vehicle there to save their lives, otherwise they were planning to set it on fire, as three of them heard.”

The video of the attack shows dozens of armed Hindutva men attacking the vehicle and the men. The Hindutva mob carrying saffron flags can be seen dragging one man out of the driver’s seat and beating him with the flag’s sticks.

The members of the mob live-streamed the attack on social media.

Tensions have erupted across the country in connection with the celebration of the consecration ceremony of the Ram Temple over the ruins of the historic Babri Masjid. Incidents of vandalism and violence were reported.

Dozens of videos of Hindutva men attacking Muslim properties have emerged on social media.

The businessman and those who were attacked are not planning to file any complaint in the matter as “nothing is gonna happen, we know no action will be taken by the authorities”, said Chaudhary with dismay.

Moreover, earlier during the day Additional Commissioner of Police Shrikant Pathak issued an appeal to maintain peace in the area.

“We are investigating the incident. Action will be taken against the accused only. I appeal to everybody to maintain peace. The Police have taken timely action. We are investigating the entire matter by looking at the CCTV footage. There are small miscreants which still try to create a nuisance,” local media reported.

Several right-wing handles posted videos of the attacks on Muslims with Ram devotion songs on social media.

This occurred on a day when the Mira Bhayander Municipal Corporation used bulldozers on Tuesday afternoon to demolish about 15 structures in the Muslim-dominated Haidary Chowk area on Mira Road, all owned by Muslims.

Shop owners claim they possessed legal documents, and no notices were served before the demolition.


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