Sunday, May 26, 2024

Topic: Mira Road

How did violence reach Mumbai’s Mira Road?

In the heart of Mumbai's suburbs lies Mira Road—an area that holds immense sentimental value for me. It is more than just a locality;...

“At least their lives are saved,” says owner of minitruck attacked by Hindutva mob in Mira Road

Three Muslim men identified as Mohammad Tariq (21), Mohammad Meraj (24) and Deen Ali (27) who were carrying plastic disposables in a mini tempo...

Mira Road: Hindutva men livestream attacking Muslims; no arrests on FIRs filed by Muslims

Members of the Hindutva mob began live-streaming their brutality on social media as violence related to the Ram Temple celebrations spirals out of control in Mumbai's Mira Road for the second day.

After violent Ram temple celebrations, clashes, authorities demolish Muslims’ shops in Mumbai’s Mira Road

Following two days of violent celebrations of Ayodhya's Ram temple consecration in Maharashtra's Mira Road, on Tuesday, 23 January, authorities initiated bulldozer action in Mira Road's Muslim-dominated Naya Nagar area, where Hindutva celebrations and confrontations with Muslims occurred.