Sunday, December 10, 2023

Activist Khalid Saifi spotted in Delhi Police custody with broken fingers & legs

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On 26 February, the Delhi Police arrested Delhi based activist and founding member of United Against Hate, a collective against fascists Khalid Saifi, from the protest site in Khureji.

Activists, as well as Saifi’s family, complain the Delhi Police of beating brutally him up in custody.

They say that he was fine when he was taken away by the police but now he has fractures on both legs and he is unable to walk.

Watch the video:

Khalid Saifi has been sent to judicial custody for 14 days and still remains in custody.

Saifi was detained on Feb 26 from the Khureji Khas anti-CAA protest site where he was actively involved. He has been accused under IPC Sec 307 (Attempt to Murder).

Saifi, who was there at the site, is a founding member of United Against Hate, the organization that has been tirelessly offering relief to victims of hate since 2017.

The sit-in protest at Khureji Khas against CAA has been cleared and protesters were brutally attacked by the Delhi Police on the same day. Protesters at the site have tweeted visuals showing police personnel dismantling the tent where the anti-CAA sit-in protest had been ongoing for the last few weeks.

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