Sunday, December 3, 2023

AR Rahman on filmmakers exploiting divisions: “Our films should not divide”

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Veteran musician AR Rahman has slammed the filmmakers who exploit societal divisions for commercial gain, widening the gap between different communities.

Rahman was speaking in response to director Mari Selvaraj’s query about the qualities he expects from new-generation filmmakers. Rahman has scored the music for Mari Selvaraj’s new movie, Maamannan.

“To achieve commercial success, we should not divide people and make them turn against each other. I don’t like (such filmmakers),” OTTPlay website quoted Rahman as saying.

“Because every life is invaluable. And only the poor will suffer when such things happen,” he said.

Rahman’s comments come amid a larger debate surrounding certain Hindutva propaganda movies including Kashmir Files and The Kerala Story and their potential role in raising Islamophobia and hatred in the country.

Oscar-winning composer also spoke out against the culture of hero worship and expressed his aspiration for films to elevate the cultural and political discourse in society.

“Young filmmakers should develop a sense of art and beauty and give the next generation hope. Instead of wasting away their lives as fans of somebody, they should grow up and make this country the best in the world. Make our language (Tamil) the best in the world. To pursue these things is what makes life interesting. We need to put our artistic genius to good use. Instead of giving them something like mental chewing gum, we need to turn them into great thinkers, writers, and leaders through our art form,” he added.

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