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“Babri Masjid was, is and will remain, Babri Masjid Zindabad”: Asaduddin Owaisi declares in Lok Sabha

Slamming the Union government, AIMIM chief Asaduddin Owaisi MP said Saturday in the Lok Sabha that “the light of Indian democracy today is at its dimmest” and questioned if the Narendra Modi government was of a particular religion or of the entire country.

“I want to ask if the Modi government is the government of a particular community, religion or the government of the entire country? Is the Modi government only of one religion and Hindutva? Does the government of India have a religion?” he asked.

Owaisi went on to say: “Through 22nd January (consecration of Ram temple), does this government want to send a message that one religion triumphed over the other? Does the Constitution allow this?… What message do you give to the 17 crore Muslims in the country?”

“I respect Lord Ram but I hate Nathuram Godse because he killed the person whose last words were ‘Hey Ram’ …,” he said.

Muslims were betrayed in 1949, 1986, 1992, 2019 and on January 22, the vocal Muslim leader said.

During his speech, BJP member Nishikant Dubey asked Owaisi whether the AIMIM leader considers Babar as an invader or not. Owaisi replied, “What do you think of Pushyamitra Shunga? What does he think of the king of Jammu and Kashmir, who had an army to destroy temples?”

He went on to say: “India today needs people like Maulana Ameer Ali, a Maulvi and Baba Ramcharan Das, a priest, both from Ayodhya, who fought against the British and laid down their lives.”

AIMIM MP pointed out that the Modi government has announced Bharat Ratna would be conferred on BJP leader leader L K Advani, who led the rath yatra and the then PM P V Narasimha Rao, who during Babri Masjid demolition asked his staff not to disturb him as he was busy worshipping. “This shows whether justice is done or injustice is being kept alive,” he said.

Owaisi also read out the resolution passed by Lok Sabha on December 16, 1992, which “condemned the disintegration and demolition” of Babri Masjid on December 6.

Owais declared that the Babri Masjid will exist in perpetuity at the Ram Temple site in Ayodhya. He concluded his address with the ‘ Babri Masjid zindabad’ slogan.

“My faith that the mosque still exists and will remain at the place where it once stood. Babri Masjid was, is and will remain. Long live Babri Masjid, long live India, Jai Hind,” he said.


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