Both BJP and JMM responsible for killings in Ranchi, says Owaisi MP

Speaking to reporters, All India Majlis-E-Ittehadul Muslimeen president Asaduddin Owaisi said the killings of two Muslim teenagers in Ranchi due to police firing on 10 June protest were because of the BJP and JMM both.

“The BJP is responsible because they did not take action against Nupur Sharma before and JMM because the police (under this government) fired on unarmed people and till now there has been no action on them,” Owaisi MP said.

Owaisi said that the government should extend help to families whose children were killed in the protest.

Hyderabad MP also met the families of 14-year-old Mudassir and 19-year-old Sahil.

While speaking to Maktoob, the families of Mudassir and Sahil said they were killed because they were Muslims.

“The bullet shot perforated Sahil’s kidney as he was returning from Iqra masjid after praying juma,” Sahil’s brother Faizan told Maktoob.

Despite the fact that Sahil was not a participant in the protest, police targeted him, claimed Faizan. 

Mudassir Alam, 14 was shot in his head and succumbed to his injuries a few hours after. Mudassir’s family claimed that they are not sure whether the police shot him or was it the miscreants who were present near the Hanuman mandir.

“Mudassir was only fourteen years old; he had just completed his class tenth board examination, and his results were due in ten days,” Mudassir’s uncle Shahid Ayyubi told Maktoob.