Saturday, February 24, 2024

Boycott Patanjali trends over Baba Ramdev’s comment on OBC

A boycott social media campaign against Patanjali products is trending on social media after Baba Ramdev’s comments on Other Backward Classes (OBC) in an undated video went viral.

The Hindutva nationalist was asserting his Brahmin identity by saying,”People say babaji is OBC… I am a Vedi Brahmin, Dwivedi Brahmin, Trivedi Brahmin, Chaturvedi Brahmin — I have read four vedas.”

Ramdev issued a clarification claiming that he was talking about “Owaisi”.

“I have never said anything as such. I was talking about Owaisi. He and his predecessors have always had anti-national thinking. I don’t take him seriously,” Ramdev told media.

However, several people pointed out that the clarification doesn’t make sense.

“Someone should learn from Baba Ramdev to twist his statement and retract it,” Tribal Army, a page on X that has over 266.9 thousand followers, wrote.

“Businessman @yogrishiramdev makes derogatory remarks against the OBC community and after his video went viral and when people started boycotting his Patanjali products, He tries to escape by saying he spoke against @asadowaisi and NOT OBC. Because he knows people are ok with him abusing Owaisi and not OBC,” Journalist and fact-checker Mohammed Zubair posted.


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