Saturday, December 9, 2023

Received death threats and letters full of abuses from Sangh Parivar: Rajeev Dhavan

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“I am concerned about Sangh Parivar’s violence related to Babri case and that is Hindu Taliban. In court, one of them nearly attacked me. I have received death threats, curses, around 2000 letters full of abuses. Excreta was thrown outside my residence. I call this also a kind of violence.”

Rajeev Dhavan Senior lawyer and the representative Muslim side in the Babri moque- temple dispute case, spoke to India Today TV.

Earlier in Times Now interview , Senior Advocate and Commissioner of the International Commission of Jurists Dhavan said: “Muslims have never been responsible for disturbing the atmosphere in the country. Hindus do it.”

“When I said Hindus, I referred to those Hindus who are responsible for the violence related to Babri Masjid. In court, I called these violent Hindus as Hindu Taliban. I stand by that statement. Consider in the last century, how much violence was perpetrated. In 1934, Muslims tried to defend the mosque and it was broken. In 1949, it trespassed. Between 1950 and 1992, every order of the receiver was not followed by Hindus. And the biggest act of all, the destruction of Babri Masjid. And I will say it again and again that all the violence at Babri Masjid was Hindu violence, perpetrated by Hindu Taliban but I limit that violence to the Sangh Parivar and all those members who perpetrated this violence,” Dhavan clarified his remarks.

“The injustice has been done. Unless the Supreme Court reverses their injustice’, you will not see justice,” Dhavan, who led the attorney team for the Muslims in the case added.

Dhavan is also an author of numerous books on legal and human rights topics, and is a regular columnist in the leading newspapers in India.

Rajeev Dhavan also stated that the review petition is a choice of Sunni Waqf Board. “I would advice a review for only one reason because there cannot be peace without justice,” he said.

“Will it succeed or not, it’s a different debate. But the review is a right. And it will point out what is fundamentally wrong in the judgment,” Dhavan told media.

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