Friday, March 1, 2024

Delhi: 600-year-old mosque razed by authorities

In Mehrauli, Delhi, the Delhi Development Authority (DDA) carried out an arbitrary demolition of a 600-year-old mosque at 6 am on Tuesday.

Imam Zakir Hussain, the mosque’s Imam, stated that Masjid Akhonji, which housed Madrasa Bahrul Uloom and the graves of revered figures, was completely razed.

He also alleged that the debris was meticulously removed to conceal the demolition from the public eye.

Prior to the Azan of Subhi Namaz on Tuesday, officials from the Delhi Development Authority, accompanied by a robust police presence, initiated the mosque’s demolition.

Despite the bulldozing, no prior notice was provided, said the mosque authorities.

The Imam alleged that officials forcefully took away his phone and those of others before reaching the mosque. He further claimed that officials didn’t permit him to take copies of the Holy Quran, which were kept inside the mosque.

The officials vandalized the cloth and food materials of 22 students studying at the Madrasa, Imam further alleged.


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