Thursday, April 18, 2024

Delhi govt’s notice creates anxiety, Haj Manzil residents become homeless once again

Haj Manzil located in the Turkman Gate has got 70-80 residents, who were footpath dwellers during the COVID pandemic. They consist of senior citizens, daily wagers and students.

The recent Delhi government’s notice to vacate temporary shelter at Haj Manzil has created anxiety amongst the 70-80 residents who have been residing there since the pandemic period.

DUSIB (Delhi Urban Shelter Improvement Board) however assures that they will be “relocated to another rain basera”.

The temporary shelter home, which was used for Hajj passengers during the pre-COVID times, is now returning to its earlier position due to DUSIB’s intervention.

DUSIB has both granted an extension and decided to move the residents to a new place, DUSIB’s CEO Bipin Rai told the Indian Express.

From a 24-year-old DU student to 70 year old senior citizens are now concerned about their immediate future, where and whether the relocation would take place.

Delhi has an estimated 16,760 homeless and 195 shelter homes which can accommodate around 17,000 homeless people.


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