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Delhi Police participated in anti-Muslim pogrom, says IAMC

Two Muslim boys pray for the afterlife of the deceased in Mustafabad Qabristan in the North East Delhi. The graveyard adjacent to Eidgah relief camp buried twenty people killed in the Muslim carnage last February. Official records says 53 people got killed in the violence in Northeast Delhi injuring more than 450 people. Photo: Shaheen Abdulla/Maktoob

Delhi Police has been complicit in the anti-Muslim pogrom and is now using the COVID 19 lockdown to unleash witch-hunt on Muslim students and activists who participated in anti Citizenship law protests, says The Indian American Muslim Council (IAMC).

The pogrom is widely acknowledged to have been sparked by incendiary comments made by Kapil Mishra, a BJP leader, about Muslims peacefully protesting against ‘anti-Muslim and unconstitutional’ citizenship law. Video evidence and witness accounts pointed to Delhi police allowing Hindu mobs to roam the streets freely to target the Muslim community.

IAMC has shared a video on YouTube and it claimed that the Delhi Police which comes directly under India’s Home Ministry participated in the Delhi pogrom.

Watch the video:

The Indian American Muslim Council is a non-profit advocacy organization of Indian Muslims with sixteen chapters in the United States.

Earlier, Alliance for Justice and Accountability (AJA), an umbrella group of progressive South Asian organizations in the United States including IAMC, condemned the Indian Government’s actions in bringing false criminal charges against hundreds of Muslim activists, students, and intellectuals in India and arresting many of them.

“These individuals are being targeted for challenging the deeply repressive Citizenship (Amendment) Act (CAA) brought by Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Government last December that triggered mass protests and convulsions across Indian society. Activists are also being victimized as for exposing the complicity of Mr. Modi’s Government in the massacre of dozens of Muslims in religious violence against Muslims carried out in the Indian capital, New Delhi, this February,” they said.


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