Sunday, December 3, 2023

Delhi: Spine severed in police custody for phoning helpline, Muslim youth needs now spinal surgery

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Photo: Meer Faisal/Maktoob

Wasim Khan, a 29 year old living in capital New Delhi, was taken to Fatehpur Beri Police Station to give a witness statement and was brutally beaten with lathis after he had simply called to PCR number 100 to settle the dispute between two youths in his locality.

The incident occurred on the night of May 18.

“Even after giving the statement, I was not allowed to go home. I was taken to a separate room and brutally beaten by three policemen for about two and a half hour,” Khan who was lying in bed at his Chhatarpur home, told Maktoob.

Wasim Khan told Maktoob that the three policemen sub-inspector Satender Guliya, head constable Praveen and constable Jitender who attacked him also used anti-Muslim slurs.

According to a compliant by Khan against accused policemen, while brutally attacking Khan, policemen used anti-Muslim slurs: “Bh*****d, ab karega call? Karega call 100 number par? Tum logon ne naak mein dum kar rakha hai, Mullon saalon (S*****-f****r, now tell us whether you’ll call? Will you dare to call 100? You have created a nuisance, you bloody Mullahs).

“After two and a half hours, I returned to home in a very serious pain. I took painkillers before sleep,” Khan said.

According to the copies of CT scan, MRI scan and digital skiagram accessed by Maktoob, injuries to Khan’s spine, include a fracture on the vertebra and a “small, detached bone fragment.”

“1) Fracture of the tip of right transverse process of L3 vertebra. 2) Minimal spondylolisthesis of L5 over Si vertebral body, along with bony defects in pars interarticularis (spondylolysis) of L5 vertebra on both sides,” read the CT scan report.

“MRI scan has revealed contusion related myofascial hyperintensities on T2 weighted images in posterior paraspinous region on right side — possibly with fracture of the tip of transverse process of L1-L2-L3 vertebrae, which may be confirmed by CT scan. There seems break in pars intraarticularis without listhesis at L5-S1 level, which may be confirmed by appropriate radiographic projections,” read the copy of MRI scan.

Demanding strict action against the three accused cops, Khan wrote in his complaint letter that “the custodial torture on me by the three police officers is not only a gross violation of my human rights but it has affected the vast magnitude of my life… these injuries could have caused my death. Therefore, the three police officers SI Satender Gulia, Praveen and Jitender should be punished by registering a case against them under the Indian Penal Code 308, 326,331, 342, and 348”.

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