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Curfew in Chhattisgarh town after Hindu Sena vandalise Miladun Nabi decorations, attack Muslims

In Kawardha, Chhattisgarh, Muslims were decorating the town for Eid Miladun Nabi – Prophet Mohammad’s birthday. But the installation of a flag, alleged as Pakistani flag, in the Lohara Naka Chowk provoked Hindu Sena, an extremist Hindu group.

On 3 October, thousands of Hindu Sena armed militants vandalised the decorations and burned the flags. On opposing it, Muslims were attacked with sharp-edged weapons.

“There was an argument between both the sides to put the flags of Navratri and Eid Miladun, then some Hindu people burnt the Islamic flags, abused Muslims and began rioting,” Noushad, a local from Lohara Naka Chowk told Maktoob.

On Monday, police arrested six people and two FIRs are registered against people from both communities.

According to Hindustan Times, around a dozen of people including three policemen sustained minor injuries in the violence. Muslim groups say police looked away when Muslims were attacked.

A video has surfaced where Hindu groups are raising anti-Pakistan slogans and burning the flag. Muslims alleges that police did nothing to stop them.

According to Indian Express, a curfew has been imposed and 59 people are arrested in connection with the violence. Police also called a peace committee meeting where people were asked to remove religious flags from Lohara Chowk in view of upcoming festivals and to maintain peace and harmony.

Collector Ramesh Kumar Sharma told the media that he is taking stock of the situation and action will also be taken against the culprits.

“We are controlling the situation by imposing section 144. That is our first priority,” Sharma told Media.


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