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“Genociders are not welcome”: Palestine protest force JNU admin to cancel US envoy event

Avijit Ghosh/X

On Monday, the Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) administration cancelled an event with the United States ambassador to India following protests by students who objected to the invitation due to the US involvement in the Gaza genocide.

Ambassador to India Eric Garcetti was invited for a talk on US-India ties by the School of International Studies. The “join protest demonstration” led by the JNU Students Union called to “resist military-industrial complex of US imperialist forces”.

Israeli occupation forces have killed at least 34,488 Palestinians and injured 77643 since October 7.

“Not an inch for the genociders at JNU Campus. #JNUSU along with the student community protested and forced US Ambassador to India Garcetti to cancel his program at JNU. Stand in solidarity with Palestinians fighting against Israeli occupation and US imperialism,” JNUSU vice president Avijit Ghosh said in a post on social media platform X.

“On April 29, 2024, JNUSU, representing the collective voice of the student body, unequivocally declared that JNU’s premises shall not provide a platform for administrations and personnel representing nations complicit in terrorism and genocide committed by Israel. The scheduled appearance of Ambassador Eric Garcetti, amidst the ongoing atrocities committed against the Palestinian people, was met with fierce opposition, compelling the JNU administration to cancel the program,” JNUSU statement reads.

The student body said the decision to invite a representative of the US government, which supports the heinous acts of genocide perpetrated by Israel in Palestine, stands in direct contradiction to the values of justice, human rights, and solidarity that JNU upholds.

“While the US government incarcerates hundreds of its university students protesting against its involvement in genocide, the JNU administration’s move to welcome its ambassador onto our campus is an affront to our principles,” it said

“JNUSU vehemently asserts that no institution, especially one committed to academic freedom and social justice, should extend hospitality to entities endorsing or facilitating acts of genocide. We categorically reject the United States and any nation that lends support to the genocidal actions of the Israeli regime.”

Last week, JNUSU expressed “its unwavering solidarity” with the students of Columbia University who are protesting against “Israel’s war and genocide against Palestine”.

Universities from across the world are witnessing simultaneous Palestine protests. Over 1000 students are arrested in the US for demanding their universities cut financial ties with Israel over its genocidal war in Gaza.

Pro-Palestinian protests have emerged in several Indian public universities despite crackdowns by administrations.

Last week, six students were fined Rs 1,000 each and were warned to be cautious by the University of Hyderabad for conducting a Palestine solidarity march inside the campus on 27 October last year.


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