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Gurgaon: This time too, Muslims prayed amid Hindutva war cries

Gurgaon: Muslims prayed amid shouts of Hindutva war cries
Screengrab of a video.

Members of Hindutva groups shouting ‘Jai Shri Ram’ on Friday again disrupted the offering of namaz at a designated open site in Gurgaon despite police presence on the ground.

This is the third consecutive week that Hindutva activists and locals have disrupted namaz at the site.

Muslims were allowed to offer prayers on some portions of the ground in the presence of security after the police detained at least seven Hindutva men including Dinesh Thakur, president, Bharat Mata Vahini, who has led protests against namaz in Sector 47 and was booked in April for promoting enmity among communities.

“This namaz is a conspiracy… of land jihad,” Thakur said loudly while being taken to a police station

Around 15 Muslims offered Friday prayers amid shouts of anti-Muslim slogans and Hindutva war cries.

Videos from the namaz site at Sector 37 showed more than 70 saffron activists shouting ‘Jai Shri Ram’, ‘Bharat Mata ki Jai’ and ‘Namaz nahi hogi yahan.’

The Hindutva men told reporters that they came from nearby villages of Khandsa, Narsinghpur, Mohammadpur Jharsa, and Begumpur Khatola. 

The right-wing activists tried to attack Muslims, but were pushed back by the police.

Earlier in the day, the local residents had parked their trucks on the designated open site, claiming they don’t have space to park trucks elsewhere.

Videos also showed cops creating a human chain to stop the protesters from disrupting the namaz.

All detainees were released except Dinesh Thakur after questioning.

The Sanyukt Hindu Sangharsh Samiti, -an umbrella body of 22 Hindutva organisations- issued an ultimatum to the administration Friday, stating that from next week, they would not allow namaz at a single spot in a public place in the city.

“We had given the administration one month’s time, which ends tomorrow. From December 10, we will not allow namaz to take place at any of these points. I want to reiterate that no list or spots had been designated for namaz. The permission was only temporary. Through this protest by the brave people of Khandsa, our movement has got more strength. We are receiving messages of support from all over the country,” Indian Express quoted Mahavir Bhardwaj, president of the Samiti as saying.


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