Wednesday, April 24, 2024

House of Wakeel Hassan, whose team rescued trapped workers from Uttarkashi tunnel, demolished in Delhi

The house of Wakeel Hassan, who was the head of the group of rat miners who saved the lives of 41 trapped workers in Uttarkashi’s Silkyara tunnel, has been arbitrarily bulldozed by the Delhi Development Authority on Wednesday.

Hassan was also detained by the police when his house was razed by the DDA’s bulldozer.

Hassan alleged that the demolition is arbitrary as DDA had not issued any notice to him before demolishing his house.

He also said that the government had promised not to touch his house.

“My house was the only thing that I had asked for as a reward, but the DDA demolished my house without any notice,” he said.

Hassan was the head of rat miners who were called to Silkyara on 15 November last year when all efforts to rescue 41 trapped workers from a collapsed tunnel had not yielded desired results. Hasaan and team had dug the last stretch of the tunnel that led to the successful evacuation of 41 trapped workers.

They even had refused to accept the relief amount announced by Uttarakhand Chief Minister.


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