I cannot be intimidated: Rahul Gandhi after Delhi Police reaches his residence

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi on Monday stated that he cannot be intimidated by the relentless political attacks on him or the police being sent to his house numerous times.

His comments came a day after a Delhi Police team reached his residence to inquire about the sexual assault victims that he mentioned during his Bharat Jodo Yatra in Kashmir.

Gandhi was addressing a public meeting in his constituency Wayanad, Kerala.

“Many people may be scared of the Prime Minister, BJP, RSS and the police, but I am not. I am not scared of them in the least and that is their problem. Their problem is why I am not scared. The reason is I believe in the truth,” Gandhi said.

“It does not matter how much I am attacked, how many times police are sent to my house or how many cases are there on me, I always stand for the truth. That is the way I am,” he said.

Gandhi said that the truth was that the Prime Minister, RSS and BJP “are attacking the idea and institutions of India”. Former Congress chief also criticised PM Modi, BJP and RSS by saying that they were “confused”, “delusional” and “arrogant” if they considered themselves as India.

“The confusion is in the minds of the Prime Minister, BJP and RSS. They are under the impression that they are India. They think of themselves as the whole of India,” he said.

Gandhi went on to say: “The PM is one Indian person, he is not India. No matter how delusional or how arrogant he may be, he is just one Indian of this country. The BJP and RSS have forgotten that there are 1.4 billion people in the country and they are not the BJP, RSS or the Prime Minister.”