Thursday, February 22, 2024

If you ask for food you also become an anti-national in Modi’s New India!

Economist, food rights activist and architecture of UPA welfare schemes Jean Dreze arrested in Jharkhand

Three right to food activists, Vivek, Jean Dreze and a third, arrested in Bishunpura, Garhwa, Jharkhand for organizing meeting. They have been taken to local thana.

“They were holding a meeting on social issues and did not take permission from SDO. They were detained as Model Code of Conduct in place.” DIG Palamu told The Indian Express.

Jean Dreze was part of the UPA-era National Advisory Council. He has done extensive research on social issues like child health, gender inequality, education and famine. He has authored several books on policy and economics. Dreze is currently a visiting professor at the Department of Economics, Ranchi University.

I am extremely concerned about Mr. Dreze’s detention.The BJP is in a state of war with everybody who works for the poor & the downtrodden.

Congress chief Rahul Gandhi

Reacting on the report, farm activist and academician Yogendra Yadav tweeted: “Shocking beyond words! Jean Dreze is a saint-economist, a potential Nobel awardee who lived in slums, written and done more for the poor than any economist, shunned all power and glory, took up Indian citizenship, is a pacifist. Nothing can be more shameful than arresting him.”

Shocking to know that economists like Jean Dreze are a threat to the nation and need to be arrested. I hope sanity prevails soon and he and others are released. He was only busy organizing a meeting on right to food. How can fight against hunger be a crime?

Noted historian Irfan Habib


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